Sterek AU (part one | part two): Derek and Stiles get together on Stiles’ seventeenth birthday, when Derek finally works up the courage to tangle his fingers with Stiles’ as Lydia lights up the candles. It takes another week and a half for Stiles to put his hand around the nape of Derek’s neck and carefully lean in to press a kiss to the corner of Derek’s mouth, lips pulling back into a smile when Derek finally relaxes under the touch, breathing out and sounding so utterly gutted as he licks into Stiles’ mouth and crowds him up against his bedroom door.

Derek’s voice is quiet when he asks Stiles to keep them a secret, just for now, Stiles, and Stiles tries to remember how a heartbeat works and somehow give a stuttered nod in return. Because it’s okay, it is, he can wait, after everything that Derek’s been through it only makes sense that he might be apprehensive now.

But then their friends begin to take notice, (how could they not, with Derek always leaning up against Stiles, pressing his face into the crook of Stiles’ neck while Stiles reads and sometimes Stiles just loops his arm around Derek’s waist when they’re ringing up groceries at the market - unthinking touches that neither of them seem to be aware of until others start pointing it out with teasing smiles). And Stiles thinks that it’s alright now, that Derek won’t feel the need to hide any longer.

Only it turns out quite the opposite, as Derek begins to verbally deny anything between them when approached. And Stiles fears that perhaps they never had anything at all.

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