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SPOTLIGHT: Tiny Tattoos by Austin Tott 

This awesome photo series titled ‘Tiny Tattoos’ by Austin Tott, a photographer based in Seattle, Washington, revolves around just that. More after the jump:

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i  w a n t  y o u  t o  k i l l  h a n n i b a l  l e c t e r

the boy’s only thirteen 


Personal first kiss headcanon:

Stiles and Derek’s first kiss is in the middle of a fight. Stiles has blood on his favorite jeans. Derek is wearing that stupid blue shirt that makes him look halfway normal and not at all like the big bad wolf he is. It’s Stiles who initiates. He uses the word “initiate” loosely, because what he actually does is sort of…punch Derek’s face with his mouth?

Derek is halfway through a snarky retort, and there’s no actual puckering that happens in order to soften the blow . So their teeth make an audible “click” that he’s sure sounds just about as painful as it feels. 

Derek doesn’t actually reciprocate, but that might be because reciprocating is very hard to do when someone’s mouth is smashed against yours in what could barely be called a kiss. After a second though, Stiles softens. Derek still isn’t actively kissing back, but he’s not…not kissing back either. It’s a strange middle ground that Stiles didn’t know existed until now. 

His hand is still fisted at an awkward angle in that stupid, horrible, perfect shirt that makes him think of pretty things like ice blue eyes and orange striped shirts and the angriest strip tease in existence reflected off the screen of his laptop. Other than that they’re pressed together from chest to thigh, but Stiles feels it all the way to his toes, hot and liquid under the skin. 

It only lasts a few seconds and when Stiles pulls back, Derek’s eyes are wide and his hands are poised on either side of Stiles like he’s forgotten what he usually does with them. Stiles knows that right now is when he’s supposed to be letting go the werewolf’s shirt and stuttering out an apology. But he still feels cold from lip to kneecaps and he misses Derek’s warmth there already and he can’t fucking move.

And Derek—Derek looks frozen too for a second, until his eyebrows kind of…soften. His eyes—green, green, green—flit down to Stiles’ mouth and hold. Stiles’ lips are parted and a little red and his tongue flicks out self consciously.

"I—" he starts finally.  

But Derek cuts him off with his mouth, and—wow he is much better at that than Stiles. This is not mouth punching. This is kissing. This is—

Stiles groans when Derek catches his bottom lip with his teeth. 

Of course they get cut off when Scott clears his throat and says, “As happy as I am that you two are finally getting your shit together, could you wait until I leave before escalating?”

Stiles has never seen Derek blush before, but he’d definitely like it to happen again soon.

They’re screwing with the wrong people

Don't look back.